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Instant Let room "bright" with the stylish green "plastic furnitu(Update Time:2007-12-12)

      Over the years, the furniture market to all kinds of multi-colored raw materials of wood-based materials, however, with the reduction of timber resources, it also pursuing environmental awareness increasing, colorful, various shapes of plastic furniture began popular furniture market. Before plastic furniture are not enough good taste to give the impression that plastic furniture and now has added a lot of high-tech materials, in particular the beautiful colors, not only for children's bedroom, equally suitable for the display in the living room, Let people's bedroom moment "bright", with the flavor of outdoor spring to jump.

Plastic furniture and other furniture, compared to the advantages of the following areas:

Fluent brilliant color lines
Bright colorful plastic furniture,
Apart from the common white,
Red Green Green Orange blue-violet ...
Have a wide range of colors,
But also transparent furniture,
Its distinctive visual effects people.